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  • Battle Ready Fuel: Follow the instructions provided

Get focused and fired up with Battle Ready Fuel - premium nutritional supplements which fuel your most challenging battles. Finally, a nutrition partner that has your back. Highly researched, science-backed formulas

Product Description

Battle Ready Fuel Review: SAS Professionals First Choice in Supplements

We’ve been looking at products for many months now. By checking out the recommended products on our site you may have noticed many pre-workouts, slimming shakes and workout supplements of all kinds. By our analysis, Battle Ready Fuel stacks up with the best.

Battle Ready Fuel is a line of products created by ex-SAS professionals who were looking for more.

These are the guys and girls that complete the hardest, most dangerous missions – where their conditioning and strength is the difference between life or death.

This makes Battle Ready Fuel a product that is built for top-end performance and nothing less. If you have been looking for a line of supplements to help you complete the most challenging events, lose weight, build muscle or simply help you to become more motivated than this product line is for you.

Battle Ready Fuel is not just a simple protein shake. They go above and beyond the basics.

They have compiled the very essential supplements like fat burners, multivitamins, pre-workouts, post-workouts and many more to help anyone achieve their specific goal without fault.

Before you start to get too excited there are some very important aspects of this product line that you do want to keep in mind. Battle Ready Fuel might not be for everyone, it might not be the best choice for you. To find out more about Battle Ready Fuel continue reading our detailed review below.

Use SAS Professional Grade Supplements – Try Battle Ready Fuel Today

What is Battle Ready Fuel?

Battle Ready Fuel
Have you ever tried a pre-workout that was recommended at the local supplement store and thought, “well that was boring”?

Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve tried all the pre-workouts that the guys at the store recommended. Thing is, Battle ready Fuel is different. These supplements are not built to sell mass amounts in a supplement superstore, they are built to help people just like you grow stronger while enjoying their training.

Battle Ready Fuel is a unique blend of products that have been created by ex-SAS professionals to help anyone achieve the mental clarity, performance and stamina required by military leaders.

Don’t forget, when you are out on the battlefield, the only thing saving you is your strength and conditioning. It is so important that these guys and girls develop stronger bodies and more concrete thoughts.

For this reason, these ex-SAS professionals developed a line of supplements to help boost their own training and performance, and in the process, created a blend of supplements to help even the earliest beginner build strength and size.

How Does Battle Ready Fuel Work?

This is one of the most common questions we get about new products like Battle Ready Fuel. “How does this work”? Well, Battle Ready Fuel works on several levels. Let me explain.

1. Helps You Build Strength

The ingredients and supplements found within Battle Ready Fuel help you to build strength. They allow for your muscles to recover more effectively and in less time. This means you can train hard, stimulate growth and watch as your body begins to grow stronger and condition itself for more difficult workouts.

Use SAS Professional Grade Supplements – Try Battle Ready Fuel Today

2. Assists in Fat Loss

No secret pill will help you to magically burn fat, but the ingredients found in the Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner will assist your body in increasing metabolism and targeting fat in your body. This works through the ingredients like garcinia cambogia – a natural appetite suppressant and fibre to help you feel more full and assist in digestion.

3. Decrease Recovery Time

Those who are unaware, one of the most important aspects of any well-rounded supplements is that it allows you to decrease recovery time. If you are constantly trying to recover from your workouts you will never grow stronger. The post-workout protein shakes created by ex-SAS professionals for Battle Ready Fuel contain a wealth of ingredients and amino acids built to build muscle and decrease recovery time.

This means you can train more frequently while avoiding injury. Sounds pretty good to me!

4. Balance Your Body And Hormones

The inclusion of two very important, yet, in most cases overlooked aspects of health when it comes to strength training – balancing hormones. This is mainly completed through the use of multivitamins that help to improve your overall hormone levels and mineral content within the body.

This is something you would come to expect from ex-SAS professionals. They know the importance of a well-balanced multivitamin and have found the most effective ingredients to help pursue that goal. With the use of both a multivitamin (specific to gender) and a fish oil pill, you can be sure that your body will be balanced and will allow for the most effective results in strength and conditioning.

What Makes Battle Ready Fuel So Special?

Battle Ready Fuel
We do not wish to make any outlandish claims about other products or brands, but it is important that you know that plenty of supplement companies buy whey protein by the ton and sell it for a profit.

This is just the way that business works.

Use SAS Professional Grade Supplements – Try Battle Ready Fuel Today

The unfortunate aspect to all of this is that when you buy some supplements like whey protein by the ton the quality can decrease.

Massive companies run off the benefits of their products. If you cannot put personal faith that a product will help you grow stronger, how can you have faith that the ingredients are pure?

This is one of the biggest benefits to Battle Ready Fuel. The ingredients contained within each supplement are sourced in a much more sustainable way. They are not low-quality and are not celebrity endorsed. This means you are simply buying a product based on the pure quality.

No other factor goes into the pricing equation. Battle Ready Fuel is special because it allows you to source pure ingredients at a relatively low cost.

They’re Not Doctor Endorsed

For some strange reason whenever a company wants to push a certain product they always find some doctor who will stand behind it. I am not entirely sure why, but for some reason, many people believe that a product endorsed by a doctor must work – as if every medical doctor has knowledge on weight lifting supplements.

Battle Ready Fuel did not use this as a selling feature. Most likely because they realize that using a doctor to sell products to the public is, well, slightly unethical.

All Supplements 100% Pharmaceutical Grade and FDA Approved

You may not be aware of this, but many supplements do not follow the guidelines laid out by the FDA – simply because these supplements are not regulated. In most cases, you might not actually be getting the ingredients you thought you were buying.

On the other hand, Battle Ready Fuel is one of the very few companies who guarantee FDA approval on all of their supplements – and claims 100% pharmaceutical grade. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for a supplement to take I always want to be sure that the product will contain a pure and rich blend of natural ingredients that are backed by clinical science and, the FDA. Pushing aside all the massive benefits of using Battle Ready Fuel you can be sure that the ingredients you ingest in their formulas will contain pure ingredients that are not harmful.

Use SAS Professional Grade Supplements – Try Battle Ready Fuel Today

Who Is Battle Ready Fuel For?

Believe it or not, there are some specific people that would benefit most from the ingredients and blends contained in each product of Battle Ready Fuel. Let’s take a look at who Battle Ready Fuel would be best suited for:


The people who just stepped foot into the gym would likely see the biggest results from this line of products. Your muscles, joints, mind and everything needed for training have not yet developed. The ingredients found in these products can help you to adapt faster and grow stronger without the long and difficult struggle that many beginners go through. This means you can train longer without feeling like you are not seeing any true progress.

Middle-Aged Athletes

As we start entering our thirties our body goes through many changes. Both men and women will see a gradual decrease in stamina, metabolism and many other aspects of their life.

Battle Ready Fuel is a blend of ingredients (especially when a bundle is purchased) that can help you to see the biggest and best benefits of training.

Products like the pre-workout fat burner and a multivitamin will help to increase your bodies fat burning potential – even if your metabolism is slow or unbalanced. If you are concerned with your body composition and are looking for a product that will help you to develop more strength Battle Ready Fuel is for you.

Serious Weightlifters

Many of the most serious weightlifters will be dedicated to their creatine and caffeine – and for good reason. Yet to a certain extent, Battle Ready Fuel could help you take your fitness to the next level.

Their creatine has is classic and powerful, the fish oil will help to balance hormones and allow for proper growth and the combination of a vegan or whey-based protein shake will help any serious weightlifter see the immense benefits to their training.

So, What’s In Battle Ready Fuel Box?

Battle Ready Fuel comes with a handful of primary supplements to help you increase your performance. Let’s walk you through the best that Battle Ready Fuel has to offer.

Use SAS Professional Grade Supplements – Try Battle Ready Fuel Today


The protein from Battle Ready Fuel comes in both a whey-based formula and a vegan formula to help anyone; regardless of their health preferences train harder and recover more effectively.

How It Helps

Whey protein or vegan protein will help to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis. This is the precursor to strength and recovery and is the major reason why many people do not see results. Supplementing with 20-30g of protein before bed or after a workout will help you to grow stronger, faster.


The pre-workout formula from Battle Ready Fuel is among one of the best we have seen. Many ingredients like amino acids and metabolic boosters will help to provide your muscles with sustainable energy and long-term performance.

How it Helps

The pre-workout from Battle Ready Fuel helps by allowing your body to source more energy from your diet. Either in the form of fast-acting glycogen or through an increase in blood amino acids to help exercise without feeling fatigue. Some ingredients will also help to limit the feeling of fatigue to that you do not feel as tired as you would without it.

Branched Chain Amino Acid (Powder)

The BCAA formula from Battle Ready Fuel contains the big boys. Leucine, isoleucine, Valine in a 4:1:1 ratio – this is huge. Most formulas will only contain a 2:1:1 ratio, which is great, but leucine is the main contributor to strength development.

Use SAS Professional Grade Supplements – Try Battle Ready Fuel Today

How it Helps

The BCAA formula will help your muscles to have sustainable energy and growth all day long. You can either drink this during your workout or supplement it at any time throughout the day to help your muscles grow faster and recover from stressful workouts.

Creatine Monohydrate

A godsend for anyone who lifts heavy and hard – creatine is king of all supplements. I’d go as far as saying if you are not taking creatine you shouldn’t be lifting at all.

How it Helps

Creatine helps to repair muscles and provide energy to your body after training. Every muscle contraction you have is powered by creatine phosphate (through ATP) and when you exercise you lose these phosphates. Supplementing with creatine will help your body to source more creatine, faster – to help your muscles grow.

Fat Burner

We are all looking to cut down a few pounds, and the fat burner from Battle Ready Fuel can help you to increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories throughout the day. This is one fat burner you will not want to miss.

Fish Oil

A very unique addition to any supplement stack – a fish oil pill will help your body to take in essential omega fatty acids for performance and even cognitive enhancement. Using a fish oil pill will help you to recover faster and can even help you in everyday life. Don’t forget, life isn’t just about training every day – you need to enjoy yourself and your recovery.


No workout stack is complete without a multivitamin. They help you to obtain all the essential micronutrients that you may not be getting from your diet and can even allow you to recover faster and see better progress.

When combined with a fish oil pill, a multivitamin can also help to balance hormones which means you can grow stronger without all the unnecessary effort of fighting your hormones.

Bottom Line: Is Battle Ready Fuel Worth Your Dollar?

In our opinion, Battle Ready Fuel will go down as one of the more complete bundles of ingredients for success in the weight room. They offer a complete blend of ingredients that help you to grow stronger and healthier.

Battle Ready Fuel is not just about your training. They offer a wide range of products that assist in sleep aid, repair collagen and of course, assist you with your workouts.

Battle Ready Fuel is a line of products that can help to improve almost every aspect of your life, all for one convenient and relatively affordable price.

This back to the last time you went into your local supplement superstore. The salesman likely would have tried to sell you products from various brands – since some are better than others in their respective trades.

Simply put, Battle Ready Fuel is the jack of all supplement trades. For those looking for a one-stop-shop to success in the gym, look no further than Battle Ready Fuel.

You can grab a complete bundle of Battle Ready Fuel here.

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Love the multi!

Reviewed by Kelly Intersti|Sep 18, 2018

I don't usually buy supplements of any kind - nevermind a multivitamin but I have noticed my energy level drop lately and a friend recommended this stuff. Have to say, it has really made a change. In fact, I notice that I have more energy and have decreased the caffeine content in the day.

Great Vegan protein

Reviewed by Gabe P|Sep 11, 2018

I went vegan about 6 months ago and have been looking for a new protein for post-workout recovery and I think this is the one for me! I have been using it for a couple days now and not only does it taste great but I think I am even recovering faster than before.

Awesome pre-workout

Reviewed by pormethius|Sep 11, 2018

loved this pre-workout! I was going to get the bundle but then I thought I'd give the pre-workout a try first to see. Definitely one of the better products I've tried. I think I will try the bundle on my next order!

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 I don't usually buy supplements of any kind - nevermind a multivitamin but I have noticed my energy level drop lately and a friend recommended this stuff. Have to say, it has reall


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