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  • FOR WOMEN: Blackwolf Huntress Pack

BLACKWOLF Powerful all-in-one workout formulas takes care of everything your body needs to enhance performance and improve recovery time between workouts. Directions for use can be found on each product page.

Product Description

Blackwolf Review: Complete Athlete Stacks for Strength and Weight Loss

You know, for some time now we have been looking for a great supplement line that offers the traditional shake and powder combo to train with.

In our opinion, the shake is far superior to the pill. Not only does a shake help to metabolize the ingredients much faster, but it also tastes great – and depending on the actual ingredients can be a very effective anytime shake for recovery and strength.

This brings the question – is there an effective shake built to help you burn fat, build muscle and effectively lose weight?

We’ve found a product line called Blackwolf USA that promises a lot. They claim that their products will help to increase your anabolic power, improve endurance and, at the end of the day, help you grow stronger and fitter much quicker – but how much of this is actually true?

Let’s break this down and see what Blackwolf is all about.

What is Blackwolf?

blackwolf today
This is perhaps the best company to bundle your goals together and create a workout program that suits your lifestyle. Blackwolf offers products that are put together in a stack.

In other words, they offer a pre-workout, post workout, and intra-workout formula along with accessories and an e-guide.

The total of this purchase comes much cheaper than other companies that sell each product exclusively. The company takes the same approach as many other brands by having sponsored athletes push their products, but we’re not here to talk about how the product sells – we want to know if it is actually effective or not.

Release Your Inner Hunting Potential: Become a Blackwolf Athlete

Who is Blackwolf For?

So we know that Blackwolf is a company that creates product stacks that are built to help you push your workout further – so who is this product for?

The blends carry a performance-based approach. In other words, they are not built specifically to testosterone amplification or weight loss, instead, the Blackwolf products are built for enhancing your anaerobic strength and endurance.

In this way, the products at Blackwolf stack together to create a formula that is built for the lifter who wants to see strength improvements, weight loss and some advancements in their endurance.

Blackwolf is built for the athlete in mind Here is who would be best for Blackwolf products:

  • Athletes who want to take their sport to the next level
  • Those who are looking to put on strength and mass
  • Anyone looking to lose weight
  • Those looking for an all-in-one workout stack

Alright, so now you know who this product line is best built for – but the most important aspect of any product is the actual ingredients.

Release Your Inner Hunting Potential: Become a Blackwolf Athlete

This is why it is always important to look at the product overview before you start buying mass quantities of products. Let’s take a more detailed look at each of the components of the Blackwolf line to see if we can rank this product as a prime purchase or a dud.

Ingredient Review: What’s in it?

The Blackwolf supplement line comes in two versions – a huntress (women) and a hunter (men) pack, but both feature a pre-workout, post-workout and an intra-workout formula so that you can boost your strength and performance without having to think about which specific product is best.

At just 75 EURO, the Blackwolf line is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get your nutrients and performance What about each product?

Can we break each of these down to find if the ingredients can really help you get stronger and build muscle?

TRACK/TRAIL (Pre-Workout)

Any pre workout will be best when the ingredients are built to help you enhance your performance, increase blood flow and limit fatigue.

At the end of the day, if you can train harder for longer, you will be able to grow stronger in the long run (especially if you have a good recovery formula).

TRACK, Blackwolf’s flagship pre-workout contains ingredients like D-aspartic acid (test booster) BCAA for energy and performance, creatine for cell volume and recovery and many more.

Looking at the TRACK pre-workout, we’re pretty sure you will have one of the best workouts of your training life. Be sure to start off with a moderate dosage – this stuff looks strong.

Release Your Inner Hunting Potential: Become a Blackwolf Athlete

HUNT (Intra-Workout)

Any great intra-workout has the job of limiting fatigue and providing the last boost of energy. One of the best ingredients that Blackwolf contains in heir intra-workout formula is a BCAA complex that contains L-Isoleucine, as this amino acid has been shown to be a direct energy pusher.

Creatine monohydrate and a 90% blend of whey protein isolate help to provide your muscles with the last boost of energy for your workout, while essential nutrients like B-complex vitamins and vitamin C powder can enable you to train harder without feeling burnt out.

The Hunt intra-workout by Blackwolf seems like one of the better intra-workout formulas we have seen. We only wish they would have included our favourite ingredient L-Citrulline.

ELIMINATE (Post-Workout)

Those looking for a great post-workout formula should always look for an ingredient blend that contains a high amino acid and protein concentration. Minimal carbohydrates can also help to promote faster recovery, but the best of the best will always come with high protein – especially as a protein isolate.

The ELIMINATE post-workout by black wolf contains a potent blend of both BCAA and protein isolate (rated at 90%) to help your muscles recover faster and stronger than ever before.

Extra Benefits and Features


Athlete Driven Formulas

The formulas at Blackwolf are designed for the performance athlete in mind.

Huge Dosage of BCAA

Those looking for a product that contains a high dosage of BCAA like L-Leucine and L-isoleucine need look no further than a Blackwolf stack.

Low Cost

Buying the three as a combined stack offers one of the most cost effective supply of strength performance.

Naturally Sweetener

Blackwolf features a natural sweetening formula with Stevia to help enhance taste without all the unnecessary chemical sweeteners

FREE E-guides

5 Comprehensive e-guides come together to create a package that will help you to understand how to structure your diet, workout and lifestyle to take full advantage of the products.

FREE Shaker

This may not seem like a feature, but an extra shaker always goes a long way when you are training hard and making 2-3 shakes daily.

Should You Buy Blackwolf?

This question really depends on your personal experience in the weight room, your goals and your drive to succeed.

It’s important to remember that no supplement is a magic shake that will help you to put on muscle – these products will merely support normal growth and help you to grow stronger, faster.

If you’re the athletic type that is looking for a new supplement line that has tried and tested ingredients that have been proven to work – this could be the line for you.

Don’t forget, since you’re purchasing these in a bundle, you will always get the best bang for your buck.

Don’t hesitate, if you have goals of building muscle, burning fat and having stronger workout sessions be sure to grab the HUNTER/HUNTRESS pack today.

Release Your Inner Wolf: Become a Blackwolf Athlete

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awesome women supps!

Reviewed by Orilia Y|Sep 18, 2018

sometimes it is difficult to find supplements that are well suited to women but this stuff is pretty good. I really like the pre-workout - it has a smooth effect, not heavy like other ones I have tried. I just started powerlifting and I think this is really helping me. Give it a try ladies!

Best stack ive tried!

Reviewed by Roger Warner|Sep 09, 2018

as an owner of a small start-up, I find it hard to do all the necessary research on what product is going to be best for my particular goals. blackwolf is great becase I can put faith that the stack will be successful and help me get through my workouts.

Loved this stack!

Reviewed by Ashley Field|Sep 07, 2018

Grabbed this stack after a friend recommended it for the price and the results. We train together in HIIT workouts and the combination of pre, intra and post workout supplementation has done wonders for our performance. I especially like the amino acid formula and have noticed I am lasting longer during the workouts. Give this stuff a try.

Best bang for your buck

Reviewed by Phil G|Sep 07, 2018

after going to the local supplement store and seeing the prices I was pleasantly surprised to see the better prices and same ingredients with Blackwolf. Grab yourself a stack and start working hard. PS; the pre-workout is strong, so start with one scoop first!

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 4.8 5.0 4 4 sometimes it is difficult to find supplements that are well suited to women but this stuff is pretty good. I really like the pre-workout - it has a smooth effect, not heavy like ot


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