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How to Use
  • Brain Pill: One (1) Cap Twice Daily
  • Brain Pill: One Box will last for 30 days

Each box has 60 capsules and should last a month. Recommended dosage is two capsules; once in the morning and again in the afternoon. The Ingredients in Brain Pill increase your mental stamina and cognitive ability.

Product Description

The Brain Pill Review: Can It Really Improve Your Memory?

Age can be quite the downer. I mean, think about it – as you age you start to lose muscle, testosterone, increase body fat, and to top it off you start to lose your mental quickness.

Doesn’t sound very fun, am I right?

Some of these variables are ones you just have to accept. In some cases you might lose your hair, in some cases, you may find it difficult to put on muscle – but one of the main areas we can improve is your mental quickness.

No, we’re not talking about some superhuman pill to unlock your brain, but the creators at Brain Pill may have just created the closest thing.

The question is – for those looking to increase their memory, mental capacity, and ability to recall information; is Brain Pill the right solution, or is this just another marketing scam that will lead nowhere – but to an empty wallet.

In this review, we find out.

What is The Brain Pill

Before we get into the companies claims and ingredients it is important to determine what this pill actually is.

On a very basic level, the Brain Pill is a pill that can provide you with sharper mental clarity and provide you with the endless source of memory.

Sounds pretty good right?

Improve Memory and Cognition – Try The Brain Pill Today

The Brain Pill works to allow you to quickly source information (sometimes even subconsciously), have fewer distractions, reduce stress and even cut through the brain fog.

All of this comes together in a very simple and easy to dose pill that will be shipped to your door. No need for expensive surgery or visitations to your doctor – the Brain Pill is simply your one-stop shop for better cognition and a better life – or so they claim.

How Does The Brain Pill Work?

This is a very unique product that does not work like many other cognitive enhancement pills.

While some cognitive enhancement pills only provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, the Brain Pill works to increase your bodies natural ability to work with a brain that is much younger than anyone your age.

For a moment, think back to when you were younger and remember how good and effective your brain was at memorizing topics in your class.

Improve Memory and Cognition – Try The Brain Pill Today

What if you could have this brain function again? Would you do it?

This is what the brain pill offers you – the ability to think and perform like someone half your age.

Here’s how the Brain Pill works:

Boosts Your Ability to Focus

Day and night – improving your focus is essential for your work and your ability to perform each day of your life. The Brain Pill works to increase your ability to focus on tasks – whether that be studying, reading, analyzing or simply working.

Better Ability to Solve Complex Problems

I’d be willing to bet that you have to solve a problem almost every-day. Even if its something relatively simple like finding a solution for a coworker, just being that much quicker to read the environment and find a solution is completely essential.

When it comes to complex problems, the Brain Pill will really shine. For those high-level executives this could be the pill for you.

Improved Recall

Ever been told something to do or had a problem explained to you but 5 minutes later it slips from your mind? With the brain pill, this may never happen again as it has been shown to improve your recall of information.

Improve Memory and Cognition – Try The Brain Pill Today

Improves Wakefulness

How ready do you feel to tackle the day when you have had limited sleep? Unfortunately, for those high performers, limiting your sleep is sometimes completely essential to your success in your work – you just need to put in the extra time.

The Brain Pill will help you to feel more alert and more ready to tackle the day even if you have had limited sleep.

What about the ingredients? What’s actually in the Brain Pill?

Ingredient Review

The brain pill has one of the most comprehensive matrix of ingredients. For the purpose of this review, we are only going to cover some of the most effective for enhancing brain function.

Here are the best ingredients found in the Brain Pill:

Improve Memory and Cognition – Try The Brain Pill Today


This is a very unique water-soluble compound found in every cell in the body, has proven to be an exceptional brain nutrient. Perfect for those who are looking to increase their ability to retain more information.


Huperzine A protects your brain function by preventing the breakdown of ACh (acetylcholine), a neurotransmitter that increases alertness and plays a key role in memory.

For those who are unsure why they sometimes forget the most basic information – this could be due to the loss of acetylcholine. Using huperzine could help!

Ginkgo Biloba

Extracted from the ginkgo tree this ingredient expands blood vessels, which in turn enhances your circulation, allowing for better delivery of oxygen and blood glucose to the brain plus it has potent antioxidant properties to help you feel more vibrant and refreshed.

Vitamins B6 and B12

Both are essential for energy transmission throughout the body, B6 and B12 aid in the production of neurotransmitters – the chemicals that allow brain and nerve cells to communicate with one another.

Improve Memory and Cognition – Try The Brain Pill Today


One of my personal favourite amino acids – theanine has been shown to improve your memory, mood and relaxation. It is generally included in sleep aids but its positive results on mood and memory have also been well documented.


Tyrosine is an amino acid that boosts dopamine production to help improve focus. Research shows that soldiers who took tyrosine vs. a placebo performed better and had greater stamina during strenuous activity performed while they were sleep-deprived.

Sounds like some pretty amazing products, right?

If you are the type of person that is concerned with product ingredients we can confidently say that there are very few supplements that have a better blend of ingredients than the Brain Pill.

So what’re our recommendations?

Recommendations: Should You Buy It?

When it comes to your ability to function at a high level in a very stressful environment, the Brain Pill can help take you to the next level.

Not only does the pill have clinical relevance, but it has been regularly used by some of the smartest people on earth.

If you are in the market for an effective and relatively cheap pill to boost your cognition – nothing will beat the Brain Pill.

We highly recommend this supplement and would like to give it a Top recommendation here at Healthy Choice.

Improve Memory and Cognition – Try The Brain Pill Today

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Improved my sales!

Reviewed by Nate M|Sep 18, 2018

started using this so that I would be quicker to the pop during work and I have noticed that I have passed more sales than last month. I am going to continue using this for a couple more weeks and see how it is - so far, I love it!

Love this stuff

Reviewed by richard white|Sep 18, 2018

This is my first time trying a cognitive enhancement pill and I must say I am really enjoying it. The brainpill has helped me to remember things from conversations at work and I even feel like I am becoming more productive as a whole. If you are looking for a supplement to help with everyday memory and recall cognitive improvements this is the stuff for you.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 started using this so that I would be quicker to the pop during work and I have noticed that I have passed more sales than last month. I am going to continue using this for a coupl


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