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  • DetoxPlus+: Follow the instructions provided
  • DetoxPlus+: Follow the instructions provided

DetoxPlus+ works in 2x 15-day stages. For the first 15 days, take 4 capsules daily with water: 2 in the morning after waking. 2 at night before sleep. After these 15 days, simply take 2 capsules each night before sleep, for the remainder of the course.

Product Description

Detox Plus Review: Bloating Reduction Has Never Been So Easy

Do you feel bloated at times? Maybe you overeat once in a while and get the worst stomach pain. Don’t worry, we’ve been there – and we know that once you become bloated it is very difficult to resolve it.

For many people, hydration is key. Unfortunately, this may not work for everyone, and depending on your diet and lifestyle you could stay bloated for days!

Obviously, this is an issue. No one should be bloated! Fortunately, the weight loss experts at evolution slimming have created a very unique cleansing system called Detox Plus which is built to help anyone achieve a complete and healthy cleanse.

With that said, a cleanse kit like this is not just for those that feel bloated. A cleanse can be beneficial for anyone looking to start a new weight loss quest or anyone who is interested in refreshing their bowels.

With so many options online for cleansing kits, the questions do arise – is this effective and is it worth your money? Let’s take a more detailed look at the evolution slimming Detox Plus to see if its a healthy choice.

What is Detox Plus

Detox Plus
In a very simple way, Detox Plus is a cleaning system built to help you improve bowel function, limit bloating and can even be used to kickstart your metabolism.

Detox Plus works in two 15-day stages (for about one month). These two stages help to completely break up and enable effective bowel movements for weight loss or limiting bloating and constipation.

Detox Plus is a vegan-friendly, dairy free, and caffeine free detox solution. It could just be the advanced colon-cleansing system capsules made from all natural ingredients designed to reduce bloating & trapped waste.

How It Works

Detox Plus is a unique system that works in two stages. The first stage helps to break down your stool, which may cause it to become more watery.

The second stage is when the stool will start to firm up again and you will notice very regular, daily trips to the washroom which really enable you to limit bloating and cleanse your system.

The Detox Plus system does not work with any stimulants – there is no caffeine or ephedrine – instead, the system works with soluble and insoluble fibre products to help enable the most comfortable cleanse possible.

Sick of Feeling Slow and Bloated – Use The Detox Plus Solution Now

What’s In Detox Plus

Detox Plus is one of the more advanced cleanse systems we have seen. Not only does the system contains no stimulants, but it is all-natural and vegan-friendly – making this a suitable supplement for virtually anyone who wants to cleanse their body and even lose some extra weight.

The question is, with no caffeine and no stimulants – is this cleanse system effective or is it just another run of the mill fibre pill?

Review: Specific Ingredients

Capes Aloe

The first and most potent ingredients in the blend is an aloe latex solution that has a direct influence as a laxative. Yep, that’s right, you’re ingesting a plant extract that helps to promote bowel function.

Psyllium Husk Powder

Perhaps the biggest worker-bee when it comes to keeping you regular and promoting healthy bowel function. Psyllium husk is an insoluble fibre which will help to firm up the material in your intestines for a firm bowel movement.

Sick of Feeling Slow and Bloated – Use The Detox Plus Solution Now

Rhubarb Root

Ever had rhubarb pie? Well, this is a little different, but it is still the same plant. Rhubarb has long been used to treat digestive complaints like constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, stomach pain.

Prune Extract

You probably remember your grandparents drinking prune juice 3x a day to keep regular – its loaded with soluble fibre and will help to loosen up the stool and limit bloating.

We gotta say, these ingredients look like they will pack quite the punch and will help you to become more regular. Let’s take a look at what some of the buyers had to say.

Buyers: Their Take on Detox Plus

“This is definitely a great cleansing system. I run marathons and I find with all the carb loading I do before the race, my system can use a good cleanse afterwards.”

“After weeks of being bloated and not much activity going on with my bowels, I decided to try these and so glad I did what an amazing product“

“Unfortunately I am not a regular “goer”. I ordered this Detox to try it our, as the ingredients we pretty much natural and it worked wonders. I only take one every other day and keeps me regular. I would recommend this, it really works.”

By the sounds of it, this detox solution really works for people. But wait, before you buy there are some last aspects we want to make sure you’re aware of!

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you go out and purchase a bottle of Detox Plus there are a few things we think you should keep in mind.

Detox Plus Shouldn’t Be Used ONLY For Weight Loss

Understandably, we can see the draw to this product as a weight loss solution – but it is not one that will be very effective for you. Yes, you will lose 3-4 pounds in the first week – but this is all internal weight, it’s not adipose tissue or fatty tissue.

Detox Plus is A Cleanse Kit

The name is exactly what it is – a cleanse kit should be used for a cleanse and then put away until you need to use it again. We would not recommend this product as a daily addition to your diet. Instead, be sure to eat lots of fibrous foods like fruit and dark grains to get an adequate source of dietary fibre.

Sick of Feeling Slow and Bloated – Use The Detox Plus Solution Now

When To Buy This

It is important to remember that there is some very specific situation when the Detox Plus system would be best. Here are some situations in which you should use this system.


Parasites can become active in your body and, in most cases, the only way to get rid of them is to pass them or to take antibiotics. Consult with your physician first, but a colon cleanse could be an effective way to rid parasites and unhealthy bacteria.

When You’re Not Regular

Most people think they are regular but truth is, according to dietary guides, they may not be. A regular bowel movement should occur after nearly every meal – especially those over 600-700 calories. Think about that. This means you should be going 2-3 times a day (at least).

In many cases, this can fall to the low level of fibre in our diets, but it also comes down to a colon that is not working properly. Using Detox Plus can be a great way to kickstart your system back into shape.

Should You Buy It

This comes down to your needs. If you feel that you are not regular, or are experiencing constipation of any kind, this could be the product for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a weight loss solution, this may not be the healthiest choice. Yes, you will lose weight using Detox Plus it does not teach you the habits that are necessary for long-term weight loss.

Those looking for a complete solution to weight loss should look at the EvoShake meal replacement from evolution slimming. For best results, you could even combine this system with Detox Plus.

If you are in the market for a great detox solution this could be your best shot at feeling better and living healthier in no time.

Sick of Feeling Slow and Bloated – Use The Detox Plus Solution Now

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Love this stuff

Reviewed by Adrian U|Sep 09, 2018

I originally tried this because my family doctor told me I could use more fibre and a good cleanse to help with digestion but now I use this almost every other week to keep my system regular and working great. I love it!

Would Recommend

Reviewed by Shelley Peirce|Sep 05, 2018

I loved this product! I was apprehensive at first, but once you try it you will never go back to normal fibre pills. Give this a try!


Reviewed by Dominic.S|Sep 05, 2018

I've had issues with digestion before but detox plus seemed to do the trick for me! I would definitely recommend this product.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 I originally tried this because my family doctor told me I could use more fibre and a good cleanse to help with digestion but now I use this almost every other week to keep my syst


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