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How to Use
  • EvoShake: Follow the instructions provided
  • EvoShake: Follow the instructions provided

Simply add one scoop to 200ml of cold semi-skimmed milk in a blender or shaker and mix well. One serving replaces one meal. For best results, use in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise regime.

Product Description

EvoShake Review: Meal Replacement Truth Revealed

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges that many of us will face in our adulthood. Whether you are trying to lose weight for an event or just because you want to better your health – you will need some help.

Many people will look to personal trainers, dietitians – but sometimes this process can become expensive, and in many cases may not work for everyone.

This is where the EvoShake Meal Replacement comes in.

This all-natural, vegetarian-friendly meal replacement shake is perfect for those looking for the extra edge to lose weight and take control of their life again.

Could the EvoShake Meal Replacement be your best shot at weight loss, or is this a product you should stay clear of? We review the best and worst of this shake so that you can make a suitable consumer decision.

What is The EvoShake Meal Replacement?

Many people will find that a balanced diet will be highly beneficial – but at the same time, this can be quite difficult, especially when you factor in your age and meal portion size.

At the end of the day, weight loss will come down to your ability to properly limit your overeating habits and substitute them for a healthy replacement – like the EvoShake Meal Replacement.

The best part, this shake comes in a 3 for 2 bundle that allows a very cost efficient purchase of this protein and weight loss blend.

So we know that the EvoShake Meal Replacement is a shake built to help you lose weight by substituting for other meals – but what’s in it, and is it effective – or just another bad-tasting shake.

Start Losing Weight Today – Try The EvoShake Now

Review: What’s In It

The best meal replacement shakes will have a couple of important qualities. First, they must have a good source of protein – and second, they need to have micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

A good meal replacement shake should have these components because you will be skipping your meal and losing out on nutrients.

Does The EvoShake Make These Requirements?

Yes – the ingredients in the EvoShake Meal Replacement do hit this requirement. In fact, the evoshake contains a great supply of protein from skimmed milk and contains a vast array of vitamins and minerals.

Start Losing Weight Today – Try The EvoShake Now

Ingredients Breakdown

Skimmed Milk Powder

The main source of protein in the EvoShake Meal Replacement – this source of protein will help to support normal growth and assist in muscle growth.

Vitamins and Minerals

There is a vast array of vitamins and minerals in the EvoShake Meal Replacement. The shake contains a full spectrum of B Vitamins to help support healthy activity levels and even contains minerals like zinc and manganese to help balance hormones.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

One of the best weight loss supplements – green coffee bean is a natural mood enhancer but also helps with weight loss by accelerating your metabolism. When combined with the already amazing ingredients found in the shake – you’re in for fast and effective weight loss.

Bad Ingredients – Are There Any

Let me tell you – it is tough to find anything bad with the ingredients in this product. There is only one component of this shake that we are not too thrilled about – the inclusion of maltodextrin.

Traditionally, maltodextrin is used in mass gainers, but is in this shake in such a small amount, and does not seem to alter the total calories (only 222) so it’s not a big deal – just something to be aware of.

Effectiveness: Does It Work?

It is important that you understand that the EvoShake Meal Replacement is not a weight loss pill. This product will not directly influence your metabolism or boost weight loss.

Instead, EvoShake Meal Replacement is built to be used as a support to your new lifestyle. This means you should be working out, you should be eating healthier – and when necessary, replacing 1-2 meals with this shake.

Start Losing Weight Today – Try The EvoShake Now

Results: Real Reviews

“After 4 weeks of using this product I have lost 4 stone! My friends and family were so surprised and have ordered their own bundle!!”

“After about a month of using this product I have lost about a stone!. This product makes it so easy for me to reduce my daily calorie intake and stick to it. I just wish there were more flavours – like banana flavour…”

“After using the evoshake for about 3 weeks I have seen steady weight loss. I have gone from a size 16 to a 14 in three weeks! I use this shake to replace my first and second meal of the day and then have a healthy meal as my dinner.”

By the looks of it, the EvoShake Meal Replacement could just be one of the better products for helping you lose weight fast and effectively.

Who is EvoShake Meal Replacement Best For?

The EvoShake may not be for everyone – in fact, there are some specific people that will benefit most from this shake.

Start Losing Weight Today – Try The EvoShake Now

Those Working Out

Training your fitness is one of the best ways to lose weight effectively. When you combine the benefits of a meal replacement shake and a consistent training program you have a recipe for success.

Anyone Who Struggles With Portions

This is one of my personal issues with dieting – I am just terrible at portions! A meal replacement shake can solve this issue as all you need to do is drink the shake and, if you’re hungry, have some low-calorie fruit or snack with it.

Anyone With A Slow Metabolism

A slow metabolism is largely the cause of many peoples weight gain. Of course, exercise and diet can help to increase your metabolism, but having a meal replacement shake like the EvoShake Meal Replacement that contains green coffee bean is a very effective way to increase weight loss.

Is it Worth Your Money?

Perhaps the most common question we get with any review – is this product worth the money. To be honest, for three servings you are getting quite the deal – and by looking at the ingredients and reviews from purchasers you are in for a very effective weight loss solution.

The EvoShake Meal Replacement is not a magic pill. It will not make you instantly lose weight – and it’s important to remember that.

This is a shake that needs to be combined with a good diet and an even better workout program – but not immediately.

The EvoShake Meal Replacement will help you to get off to the right start, and in terms of its quality – we definitely recommend it.

Anyone looking for effective weight loss and a new start to their diet should look no further than the EvoShake Meal Replacement.

To make this shake more effective feel free to combine it with your favourite weight loss or fat loss metabolic booster!

Start Losing Weight Today – Try The EvoShake Now

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I've lost 7 pounds!

Reviewed by Denis Hughes|Sep 13, 2018

This is one of the few meal replacements that actually help me to feel full. Since I started using this, eating better and working out I have lost 7 pounds in just a matter of weeks. I am going to continue using this p[roduct until I hit my goal weight.

Great meal replacement

Reviewed by Becky Wadden|Sep 11, 2018

one of the better meal replacement shakes I have tried lately. Good price tastes great and keeps me feeling full. I use one of these with some fruit and it works as a great meal replacement.

Best Meal Replacement

Reviewed by Abigail Dennis|Sep 09, 2018

there are dozens of meal replacement shakes available online these days but very few of them have as good of a formula as this one. The best part is that it doesnt taste terrible either - you can drink it anytime and it helps you to feel full. Perfect for anyone on a diet.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 This is one of the few meal replacements that actually help me to feel full. Since I started using this, eating better and working out I have lost 7 pounds in just a matter of week


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