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How to Use
  • Instant Knockout: 1 x Capsule - 4 Times a Day
  • Instant Knockout: One Bottle will last for 30 days

You get the full benefit of Instant Knockout by taking one capsule, four times a day. One first thing in the morning, One before lunchtime, One in the afternoon, One before evening meal. The Fat-Burning Power of Instant Knockout

Product Description

Instant Knockout Review: Fat Burning Supplement Contains Quite The Punch

Instant Knockout is a unique product that claims to have many benefits. The company markets the supplement as a fat burner pill that has been used by pro boxers to cut prior to a fight – and when we look at the ingredients we can see why.

This product is built potent and it could be effective. If you are one of the select few who is willing to challenge themselves for fast and effective fat loss, this could be the product for you.

Question is, do the ingredients really work or is this just another supplement with huge promises and very little results. In this review, we find out.

What is Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout
This is a unique product that has its history as a product used by pro boxers, MMA fighters and wrestlers looking to cut down weight quickly – without losing muscle mass.

This is one of the most appealing things about this product. Most fat burners are a “burn at all cost” type of product. By this we mean the product is built with heavy stimulants to help accelerate your metabolism but this can also result in a loss of muscle mass – “burn at all cost”.

Instant Knockout in unique in the sense that the formulation tries to emphasize more fat loss without putting a damper on your muscle.

Think about it – when you’re trying to lose weight you don’t want to lose the muscle you have, just the pounds of fat. Instant Knockout does this very effectively.

How Does Instant Knockout Work

This product has not reinvented the wheel – but they have done a lot of things right. To start, they use ingredients that are very natural and relatively low in stimulant potential – this means you won’t feel constantly wired all day.

Let’s run through the main ways Instant Knockout works to help you lose fat and build muscle:

Increases Metabolism

No fat burner is complete unless it packs a good metabolic boost, Increasing your metabolism is essential to burn more calories throughout the day and ensure your body enters the best state of fat oxidation.

Burn Fat Faster – Check Out Instant Knockout Today

Suppresses Appetite

This is one of the more unique features of this product. Appetite suppressing is generally found in products that are tailored strictly to weight loss, but Instant Knockout contains ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia to help you feel fuller for longer – limiting the number of times you go for an unhealthy snack or overeat.

Boosts Testosterone

Woah, Woah – this is also a testosterone booster? Yep, that’s right, Instant Knockout contains ingredients that help to elevate and stimulate natural test production in the body. Not only will this help you to lift heavier, but it will boost your fat burning potential and increase your energy levels for tough workouts.

These three properties of Instant Knockout come together to create one of the best experiences we have seen in an all-natural fat burner.

Before you Buy: Things to Keep In Mind

Before you get too excited there are some important aspects you should keep in mind to help you be as successful as possible with Instant Knockout.

Burn Fat Faster – Check Out Instant Knockout Today

1. Don’t Miss a Dosage

Missing a dosage can be harmful to your gains and the lack of test boosting ingredients in your system can be your downfall on a tough training day.

2. Don’t Take Prior To Bed

This goes without saying, but a fat burner, especially one that contains caffeine and other stimulants should not be taken before bed. This supplement could limit the amount of sleep you get if it is taken prior to bed.

3. Time Your Dosage

The best time to take this supplement in our opinion is 30-40 min prior to a tough training session. In this way, you will have all the stimulant effects during your workout. Test levels will be high, metabolism will become accelerated and your energy levels will be ever more present.

Ingredients: What’s In It

The ingredients are always the most important part. Instant Knockout comes in a cool looking fist bottle which can be a distraction for some readers – but it is always important to run through the ingredients to ensure they are pure and potent.

Burn Fat Faster – Check Out Instant Knockout Today


This is the most potent ingredient in their blend yet it is also very unheard of. Glucomannan has one of the most unique qualities in the sense that it can increase metabolism without having an effect on blood pressure.

Green Coffee Bean

This will be your main source of caffeine (along with caffeine anhydrous) in the supplement. Green coffee bean will help to naturally boost your metabolism and ensure you have a great state of fat loss.

Cayenne Powder

A new and popular ingredient in fat burners, cayenne has been shown to naturally increases the body’s ability for thermal energy. In other words, cayenne speeds up your bodies ability to burn calories.


Although zinc may not seem like the perfect supplement for testosterone production – in many cases you could be missing it in your diet. Zinc has a unique property of stimulating test production in the testes. Without zinc levels, your testosterone will be low – in fact, this has been shown in many clinical trials.

The ingredients go on and on and continue to boost metabolism and ensure for the best states of testosterone levels. You know, it is all well and good for Instant Knockout to make claims, and for the ingredients to seem effective, but what about testimonials.

Burn Fat Faster – Check Out Instant Knockout Today

Review: Looking at Testimonials

“After months of continued usage and sticking to my diet I have lost weight, gained more energy and I am slowly building muscle. If you are hesitant to buy Instant Knockout, wipe that thought from your head and give it a try”.

“If you are contemplating on trying it out I highly recommend it. Instant knockout has helped me kickstart my journey and I am now a bikini competitor. I can’t believe I was once 25kg heavier and now able to be on stage”!

“In a single month, I went from 187 pounds down to 179 while strength training. I purchased a 4 month supply of instant knockout and I’m excited to see what results I will have in the future”.

By the looks of it, many people are getting the exact results that Instant Knockout has promised.

Should You Buy It?

You know, Instant Knockout isn’t for everyone. This product does a really good job of helping you to burn more fat and limiting your appetite, but at the same time, it tries to do too many things.

If you are looking for a potent test booster, the moderate doses of zinc can help, but it is not a complete source of all-natural testosterone amplification.

If you are looking for strength and size, the higher energy levels can help you to train harder for longer, but a supplement built for sports nutrition will be more effective.

This product is best built for those who understand it is best for fat loss. Yes, it will help to elevate test levels and provide more energy – but that’s not its main job.

If you are looking for a complete supplement built specifically to fast and effective weight loss that is also safe, Instant Knockout is for you!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention. If the product isn’t right for you they offer a 90 day FREE return policy – no questions asked.

Burn Fat Faster – Check Out Instant Knockout Today

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Great fat burner

Reviewed by Reggie S|Sep 11, 2018

one of my favourite products I have tried lately. Perfect for pre-workout or just as a great fat burner. I use this before cardio training and I feel like I am able to run longer and make it through harder HIIT workouts.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 one of my favourite products I have tried lately. Perfect for pre-workout or just as a great fat burner. I use this before cardio training and I feel like I am able to run longer a


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