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How to Use
  • PrimeMale: 1 x Capsule - 4 Times a Day
  • PrimeMale: One Bottle will last for 30 days

1 x Capsule - 4 Times a Day. A bottle of PrimeMale contains 120 x 750mg capsules. You get the full benefit of PrimeMale by taking one capsule, four times a day, with a meal or snack. PrimeMale natural Testosterone-Booster

Product Description

PrimeMale Review: The Best Testosterone Supplement

Life is long, exhausting and in some cases – quite boring. As a man, you always have the urge to do something outstanding, something that requires every fibre of muscle and will-power, yet do you ever act on it?

Many people limit the excitement in their life simply because they do not have the energy or the ability to do it. For a man, this can come down to many reasons – but perhaps the most common is a low level of energy due to losses in testosterone.

Fortunately, the creators at PrimeMale saw that this was an area of life that many men could improve in. In order to feel stronger, have more energy and boost their conditioning they needed to increase their natural testosterone levels.

PrimeMale is a product that claims many health benefits that start at raising your testosterone. The question is, does this product really work, or are we just looking at another company’s attempt to sell cheap test-booster pills. In this review, we find out.

What is PrimeMale

This is a unique company. You know, most of the brands we come by trying to shove a product in your face by saying you’re too big or unhealthy. PrimeMale takes a more unique approach and looks at the situation from the perspective of quality of life.

I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if you had all the energy you needed in order to live happily?

Energy to workout, vitality to perform in the bedroom, lower risk of chronic disease – these are all qualities that affect our daily life that many people avoid simply because they don’t know how to deal with them.

PrimeMale is unique in the sense that their promise is to increase your quality of life through this product. PrimeMale is a testosterone boosting supplement that claims to have 12 main benefits to your health.

Increase Quality of Life ‒ Try PrimeMale Today

Review: What Are The Benefits of PrimeMale?

PrimeMale is a product that claims to have a series of benefits – and before we get into the actual ingredients contained in this product it can be helpful to see what the benefits are and understand if this product is right for you.

Increased Energy: the more energy you have the better your quality of life could be

Increased Strength: higher testosterone can mean more strength – using PrimeMale to boost test levels could have this effect.

Weight Loss: wouldn’t it be nice if you could lose those pesky pounds you have been looking at?

Stronger Bones: as you age it becomes more and more important that you look at bone density and ensuring you have strong bones. PrimeMale can help to keep your bone density in check.

Better Mood: Life can have you down at times. PrimeMale can help you to have a better state of mind whenever possible.

Increase Quality of Life ‒ Try PrimeMale Today

More Libido: if having a better sex life is important to you than PrimeMale could be a great supplement.

Lower Blood Pressure: especially as you age, blood pressure will slowly creep up – ensuring you can limit this number is important for your overall health.

Improved cardio: how would you like to be more comfortable during your morning runs?

Controlled Blood Sugar: diabetes, heart disease – these are all ways that blood sugar becoming out of control can affect us.

Optimal Prostate Health: very important as a man – do not underestimate the benefits of a healthy prostate.

Better Skin Health: feeling younger needs to be matched with looking younger – plus your wife will lose your tighter and smoother skin.

Enhanced Cognitive Function: a better mind will lead to a better life – wouldn’t you agree?

Look, these are some pretty bold claims from a product that’s main job is to boost testosterone levels. I’m not so convinced that this product can live up to this hype – but if it can hit even a couple of these 12 promises I see no reason why this can’t be the product for you.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients to see what nutritional value PrimeMale packs.

Increase Quality of Life ‒ Try PrimeMale Today

Ingredients: Does it Stack Up

Here at Healthy Choice we are always on the search for great supplements that provide a wide spectrum of ingredients – PrimeMale is no different.

Here are some of the best ingredients that PrimeMale uses to ensure its success.

D-Aspartic Acid

The first and potentially most important ingredient in the blend. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid which has been shown to be a direct influence on testosterone levels for strength and performance – especially when taken prior to a workout or before bed.

ZMA Complex

A ZMA complex is the inclusion of zinc, magnesium and B6 – and although this may not sound very potent, these three ingredients together have shown in clinical settings to be effective test boosters. The best part, zinc especially has been shown to elevate test production in the testes.

Maca Pruriens

This unique plant has the ability to limit and reduce prolactin levels in men. For those unaware, prolactin is the stuff that works with the estrogen hormone. Taking Maca Pruriens will help to limit this estrogen production as best as possible.


This is probably the best-kept secret in their formula. BioPerine is a unique ingredient that helps to boost bioavailability of other ingredients – in other words, it helps your body to best absorb the other supplements.

To be honest guys, I am trying to find something wrong with this product but I just can’t. The ingredients are very potent, the blend is highly bioavailable and the testimonial page speaks for itself. If you want to check out the testimonials feel free to see this section.

Who is PrimeMale For?

All these ingredients and random facts about their promises may have you wondering who this product is really for. Of course, most men will benefit from this product, but there are a select few who will see the best possible results.

Older Guys

The older you get, the lower your testosterone levels. At around the age of 30-35 your test levels will start to drop – along with your strength and sex life. PrimeMale can help.

Those That Struggle With Their Weight

Weight loss is major challenge for many of us, but especially those that do not have a healthy metabolism and excessively low t-levels, PrimeMale could help. The ingredients help to influence fat loss and increases in strength which should influence weight loss.

Anyone Who Wants A Better Sex Life

I mean, this is probably most guys – but we still do need to say it. If you’re one of the guys who is looking to have stronger erections and a better endurance, PrimeMale could help.

Increase Quality of Life ‒ Try PrimeMale Today

Features and Benefits


Clear Product Ingredients

PrimeMale does not hide behind the ingredient label. Anywhere on the website you will find information about their blend and how the all-natural ingredients work,.

Can Be Taken Anytime

This formula contains no stimulants so that it can be taken anytime. We suggest splitting your dosage before a workout and prior to sleep – as this is when higher test levels will be the most effective.

Fast Results

When combined with a proper diet and exercise plan many people will start to see noticeable results in 2-3 weeks.

High Energy and Vitality

The PrimeMale blend is one that contains a vast array of potent ingredients that help to naturally stimulate more energy and a higher state of vitality.

No Side Effects

PrimeMale is completely natural and safe to use. This means no side effects and very low potential for health issues.

FREE Shipping

No joke. FREE shipping to USA and UK. Get shopping!

Should You Buy It?

Look, we understand the apprehension. Many of these test-boosting supplements almost seem too good to be true. More testosterone, more energy, better sex life – these are all qualities that we can say are amazing, but for them to come alive through one product is simply unheard of.

Through our review of the claims and ingredients of this product, we find no reason for this to not be a high recommendation for anyone who is struggling with energy, strength, weight loss or just their personal life.

The blend is not just created to help your appearance – your general health will increase. Your risk of chronic disease can decrease, even your mood can get better.

In our opinion, PrimeMale is a must purchase item for all men.

Increase Quality of Life ‒ Try PrimeMale Today

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Grabbed this for my husband and we love it!

Reviewed by Ashley Keenin|Sep 13, 2018

I grabbed this product for my husband and we love it! It has brought a much of our strong sex life back into effect and I am noticing that he is even more vibrant and energized throughout the day.

My wife bought this for me

Reviewed by Lindon Pierce|Sep 12, 2018

Never the best day when your wife buys you a test booster but I thought I would give it a try. Surprised to say that this stuff worked for me. I feel younger, more vibrant in the bedroom and I had to thank my wife for making the decision I couldn't.

Great test booster

Reviewed by devon Lester|Sep 11, 2018

After about a year of feeling tired and fatigued all the time, I decided to make a change. read the reviews on prime male and decided that it was the best product for me. I have noticed more energy and better vitality in the bedroom. Give this product a try!

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 I grabbed this product for my husband and we love it! It has brought a much of our strong sex life back into effect and I am noticing that he is even more vibrant and energized thr


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