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  • Profollica: Follow the instructions provided
  • Profollica: Follow the instructions provided

Profollica is a standout product in the hair regrowth industry. Package includes a one-month supply of Profollica: One bottle of the Daily Supplement, with 60 capsules, One 235 ml bottle of the Daily Shampoo, One 2.2 fl oz bottle of the Activator Gel.

Product Description

Profollica Review: Safe and Effective Treatment For Male Baldness

Gentlemen – did you know that male pattern baldness accounts for over 95% of male hair loss and that by the age of 35, more than 65% of men will start to lose their hair?

Crazy numbers right. I don’t know about you but I am not overly excited to read these numbers.

There are many ways you can treat this hair issue. Of course, a healthy diet and a complete lifestyle plan including an exercise regime will help to maintain the healthiest state possible – but what happens if you have been looking after yourself and still seem to be losing your hair?

This is where Profollica comes in.

Profollica is a unique hair loss solution that works in two main ways to boost hair growth and regenerate your confidence. No longer will you have to worry about your baldness stripping the quality from your life.

Profollica could just be your best shot at improving your life for success and happiness. The question is; does it really work, and if so – is it safe to use? In this review – we find out.

What is Profollica?

Many of you will be thinking – “okay, okay, I’ve seen all these fancy hair creams and none of them seem to work. I’ve had friends try this and they say it was a scam”.

Hold on because Profollica is different.

At Healthy Choice we always aim to provide the most accurate and relative information possible. Profollica is a hair cream that will not only boost hair growth – it also contains key ingredients for ensuring that your hair stays healthy and strong!

So what is Profollica? Profollica is a product you can use to boost your hair growth and confidence – but it doesn’t stop there.

Profollica: What Does It Do and how Does it Work

Profollica is a unique hair loss solution that works in two unique ways – through its two main products.

1. The Daily Supplement

Each day you will be supplementing with Profollica pills that have the goal of providing all the necessary nutrients that your body requires in order to create a healthy and strong environment for hair growth.

The website claims “formulated to fortify the body with a potent series of herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, nutrients, & enzymes intended to not only help control your DHT production without the need for harmful prescription drugs But also help to fortify the body against lifestyle factors that can further aggravate your hair loss — like poor diet, stress, depression, illness, etc”.

Think of the daily supplement as your body’s source of regulation. Without this supplement, your body is not in the correct state to succeed in new hair growth and strength.

Naturally Increase Hair Growth – Try Profollica Today

2. Activation Gel

The second part of the Profollica system is the activation gel that gets put on the scalp after a shower. This gel is similar to many of the male hair solutions you have seen before – except it contains a new ingredient called Trichogen which is a potent DHT blocker.

This activation gel may not seem like it’s all that, but Trichogen works to limit the production of estrogenic properties in the scalp. When this is combined with the daily supplement you have a product that is covering the surface of the head and everything internal.

How Effective is Profollica

This is the biggest area of concern for any buyer. Before you make a commitment to a product you want to know if it actually works.

Naturally Increase Hair Growth – Try Profollica Today

While many hair loss solutions will help to limit and slow the process of hair loss, Profollica has been shown in many situations to actually increase hair loss and virtually reverse the hair loss issue.

Profollica conducted a study on their clients and saw some very promising results after 112 days of use. Here’s what they found:

  • 90% of men experienced lower overall hair loss
  • 87.5% saw hair growth they rated as medium, “good” or “quite good”.
  • 62.5% of participants rated their hair volume as “good” or “quite good”.
  • 45% saw reduced hair loss on their pillow
  • 41% saw reduced hair loss in the shower/after shampooing
  • 24% saw reduced hair loss while combing

What does this tell us?

Well, these results show that Profollica is, in fact, very effective. To be exact, 87.5% effective for increasing hair growth – which is a massive increase, especially when you consider these were guys just like you who had troubles with hair loss and had nowhere to turn.

Features and Benefits


Comprehensive Ingredients

Profollica offers one the most complete daily supplements for providing your body with all the essential nutrients that are required for optimal hair growth.

Safe To Use

Profollica has no reported side effects and has not been shown to be harmful or unhealthy in any way. Supplement away!

Effective Results

In clinical trials, more than 87.5% of men said that they experienced hair growth that was “good” or “quite good”. This means you have a complete product with effective results.

Contains Trichogen

Trichogen is a unique compound included in profollica that helps to limit DHT production for optimal hair growth.

Reduce Hair Loss

Profollica does not just help you grow back hair, it also helps to reduce and slow the process of hair loss. This means you can feel confident that the head of hair you already have will only get thicker. 

Product Guarantee

Profollica offers a 60-day money back guarantee – perfect for anyone who is unsure if this product will really work for them.

Is Profollica Right For You?

This is an important question. Although Profollica seems to be an effective supplement for ensuring you are always getting the perfect amount of nutrients and allows for optimal hair growth you still need to make sure this product is right for you.

Here are some things to consider before buying:

Naturally Increase Hair Growth – Try Profollica Today

Results Can Take Time

Even the clinical study by Profollica took nearly 4 months for the best results to show. You must be in this process for the long haul.

It’s Safe

Supplements like this can be a little scary. I mean, the product works by blocking a natural DHT bound system – could limit this in your body really be safe? According to Profollica, the product is completely safe to use.

You Have Nothing to Lose – Literally

Thinking about this objectively – you really have nothing to lose. If you do not try Profollica you are still going to continue losing your hair (unless you resort to very expensive surgery), but if you give Profollica a shot, you could experience hair growth.

Worst case scenario the product does not work for you and you utilize the 60-Day Guarantee.

Yep, that’s right, Profollica offers a 60-Day return policy for all their customers. If you are not seeing results simply send it back!

Our Recommendations: Is It Worth Buying?

Take a moment to think about how your life could be different with a full head of hair? Would you have asked out that women you met at the bar last week, maybe?

When we look at the product and analyze all the components of what’s in it, the clinical significance of their trials and the overall safety of the product we see no reason why this should not be a clear, must-buy item for anyone struggling with hair loss.

If you have just started to notice your hair loss this could be the best time to grab a bundle! After all, this product will be best utilized when you address the baldness as soon as you start to notice the hair loss.

Is it worth buying? YesProfollica is a great product that shows clinical significance and a safety factor that will have anyone with hair issues in awe and wonder; “why didn’t I do this sooner”.

Naturally Increase Hair Growth – Try Profollica Today

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No more hair loss

Reviewed by Lorenzo Gino|Sep 18, 2018

I not5iced a couple months ago that I have been losing more hair than normal. After using this I have noticed that it has started to slow down - maybe even stop! I'd recommend this to anyone who thinks they have started to lose hair.

Seems to work!

Reviewed by Roger Werner|Sep 13, 2018

it is still early days (about 3 weeks in) but I am gradually noticing that my hair is growing thicker. I started to lose my hair around a year ago and this is the best p[roduct I have found to slow that process. I guess we'll see if it really works long-term.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 4.5 5.0 2 2 I not5iced a couple months ago that I have been losing more hair than normal. After using this I have noticed that it has started to slow down - maybe even stop! I'd recommend this


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