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  • Serving Size: you take 4 per day
  • Serving Per Bottle: One Bottle will last for 30 days

We recommend taking TestoFuel every day for at least 2 months to feel the full benefits. You will feel some effects after taking it for a few days or weeks. One box contains 120 capsules, you take 4 per day. One box will last for 30 days.

Product Description

TestoFuel Review: Scam or Legit? Our Comprehensive Review

Building muscle is one of the most difficult goals you can have. Truth be told, the guys you see in the magazines with huge arms, cut chests and legs the size of tree trunks have been training for years and supplementing with potent ingredients.

No, we’re not talking about steroids – but we are referring to supplements that maintain your testosterone levels.

At the end of the day, you must remember, testosterone is what makes you a man. It’s the stuff that puts hair on your chest and, along with growth hormone is the hormone that enables you to grow.

Testofuel is a product that enables you to consistently maintain your testosterone levels at the highest levels possible – to train harder and harder each day.

Question is, does TestoFuel really help to boost test levels, or is it just another faux test booster that is a waste of your hard-earned money. In this review, we find out.

Gain Rock Hard Muscle – Buy TestoFuel Today

What is TestoFuel

TestoFuel is a unique product that carries the idea that the missing link in your workout program is testosterone. Truth be told, unless you have good test levels, you will struggle to put on weight – especially lean muscle weight.

TestoFuel is not just a product built for higher testosterone though. When we look at the actual ingredients you will find that this product is built for muscular strength and can even help you with weight loss.

TestoFuel Ingredients

Here at Healthy Choice we are always more interested in the ingredients in a supplement – at the end of the day, this is the most important part of the product. Without the correct dosage of specific ingredients, you are just taking another run of the mill supplement.

Here is a list of the most potent ingredients in TestoFuel:

D-Aspartic acid

Those looking for a pure increase in power and testosterone should look no further than d-aspartic acid. I would go as far as saying that a test booster that lacks d-aspartic acid is not a very good supplement. The formula for TestoFuel contains a whopping 2300 mg of D-aspartic acid – which is more than enough to provide you with power, strength and increases in testosterone.

ZMA Complex

A ZMA complex is the combination of zinc, magnesium and b-6. These ingredients have been shown in many clinical trials to help amplify testosterone levels – especially in men that are ageing.

Gain Rock Hard Muscle – Buy TestoFuel Today

Fenugreek Extract

This unique herb has one major role – block estrogen. The thing about higher test levels is that estrogen can generally start to increase as well. For this reason, fenugreek can be a very effective supplement to ensure you are not moving into “man-boob” territory.


The herb Ginseng has been shown to increase the body’s production of testosterone – when it is taken regularly. It can increase the sex hormones known to stimulate cell growth and boost testosterone levels.

Oyster Extract

Yep, you read that right – this supplement has oysters in it. Not to worry, this chemical formula will not taste fishy, instead, the oysters will provide a good source of natural zinc; which is essential for normal testosterone production.

As far as we can see these are all amazing ingredients – but to what extent have they worked on verified buyers?

Let’s take a look at some of the user reviews and testimonials.


Testimonial 1

“I’ve been taking testofuel for around 3 months and now I am ready for another order. To be honest, anyone looking for a great product with amazing ingredients needs to look no further than testofuel. I recommend TestoFuel to Anyone wanting to make some serious gains in the gym or to gain that extra edge”.

Testimonial 2

“For the price, this is one of the best test boosters I have tried – I won’t ever switch to no other product. I’m older, 42 actually, and I have tried many test boosters that just don’t work.testofuel is one of the first to work for me!. TestoFuel has taught me age is just a number of greatness. So now everyday day is a good day to TestoFuel up. I’m loving my new body and self-confidence”.

Gain Rock Hard Muscle – Buy TestoFuel Today

Testimonial 3

“I’m currently on my fourth month of TestoFuel and I weigh 180lbs, 15lbs heavier than I was before taking TestoFuel. As a hardgainer – putting on this amount of weight in only 3-months was a huge deal for me. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles to put on weight”.

Who is This For?

One of the biggest concerns for most people is that they see a test booster and think – “well this isn’t for me, I’m young and I should have a high test level”.

On one side, you could be correct, but there are many situations and people that TestoFuel would be best for.

Hard Gainers

You know, the last testimonial said it all. If you’re a hardgainer this could be the best supplement for you. The high dosage of d-aspartic acid and ZMA will help you to pack on the weight. You must not forget, higher testosterone generally means more growth as well.

Anyone Over 30

For those older readers, think back to when you were a teenager or in your early 20s. Remember the energy you had? This was, in part, because you had very high test levels. In order to get that energy back and source your vitality, you may need to increase your test levels – after all, it is well known that testosterone levels start to drop after the age of about 30-35.


This is an obvious one but still needs to be said. Yeah, you weightlifters out there. In my opinion, if you’re not taking d-aspartic acid and creatine you really aren’t a lifter. Not only has d-aspartic acid been shown to boost test levels, but it can also help you to elevate your strength and power – especially when taken prior to a workout.

Gain Rock Hard Muscle – Buy TestoFuel Today

Features and Benefits


Clear Product Ingredients

One of the things I really like about TestoFuel is that the ingredient page shows you a complete description of their product formulation – they don’t hide any information.

Can Be Taken Anytime

This formula contains no stimulants so that it can be taken anytime. We suggest splitting your dosage before a workout and prior to sleep – as this is when higher test levels will be the most effective.

Fast Results

When combined with a proper diet and exercise plan many people will start to see noticeable results in 2-3 weeks.

No Side Effects

No side effects means you can take this supplement and even stack with other supplements like amino acids and creatine to enhance results.

More Energy

The main attraction to this ingredient is the 2300mg of D-aspartic acid provides a surge of energy that is not seen in most test-booster pills.

FREE Shipping

No joke. FREE shipping to USA and UK. Get shopping!

Should You Buy It?

This is a question that comes down to your personal needs. In our opinion, TestoFuel is a great product for those who are looking to build muscle and amplify test levels – although this may not be the best supplement for enhancing test levels for sexual performance.

If you are the type of guy looking for higher test levels to outperform the rest in the gym, or maybe you are just looking to kick-start your fitness with a potent supplement – TestoFuel has you covered.

Gain Rock Hard Muscle – Buy TestoFuel Today

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Great for working out!

Reviewed by Jeremy Tinnatas|Sep 13, 2018

I am new to the gym and a friend of mine recommended a test booster - read a couple reviews and thought this would be the best for me, I was right! Works great. I have seen an increase in strength and size over the past couple of weeks and no weird side effects so far.

100% Recommend

Reviewed by Nicholas Z|Sep 11, 2018

as many people are - I was also apprehensive to this product. After a couple weeks of using testofuel I can say that my bench has gone up, my squat has gone up and I have increased my strength in many other lifts. If you are trying to increase your strength these could be one of the better supplements for you.

Great anabolic support

Reviewed by Peter Lorbedene|Sep 11, 2018

this was my first time trying out an anabolic supplement and it was a great experience. I was apprehensive at first but I feel more energy and am able to push myself further in each workout. Those who are looking for a boost to their vitality and strength should give this a try.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 I am new to the gym and a friend of mine recommended a test booster - read a couple reviews and thought this would be the best for me, I was right! Works great. I have seen an incr


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