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  • brand: XYZ Smart Collagen
  • Product: Collagen Cream
  • Perfect For: smooth skin, reduce lines, wrinkles
How to Use
  • XYZ Smart Collagen: Follow the instructions provided
  • XYZ Smart Collagen: Follow the instructions provided

Apply twice a day, morning and night to freshly cleansed skin. Smooth over your entire face and neck area using gentle upward strokes to allow the cream to fully absorb. Apply delicately to the eye area, avoiding the lower lids and tear duct.

Product Description

XYZ Smart Collagen Review: Can You Really Lose 7.5 Years of Skin Age?

Ladies, we all want to look younger, right? We all want to feel more refreshed and feel a sense of vitality we had in our 20s. At the end of the day, you can exercise and eat healthily, but this may not change the main appearance you have in mind, especially when it comes to your skin.

Your skin is one of the biggest factors that help people to determine your age. If you have wrinkles around your eyes, forehead and maybe even mouth, this is a strong indicator of age, and in some cases – poor skin health.

This is where XYZ Smart Collagen comes in. This formula is specifically built to help you look and feel younger. The question is, is there really a product that can turn back your biological clock.

The team at XYZ Smart Collagen claim that this product can make you look 7.5 years younger!

Pretty crazy if you ask me. In this review, we are going to completely analyze this formula to see if this product will really work to help you look younger and regain your sense of vitality.

What is XYZ Smart Collagen?

XYZ Smart Collagen
Well, the name basically tells us everything we need to know. The XYZ Smart Collagen formula is built around the science of new collagen production.The product enables your body to naturally build collagen much more effectively.

As a creme, you spread onto your skin up to 2x daily in an effort to refresh and revitalize your body. This formula claims that it will make you look 7.5 years younger, and for the price – this is a pretty bold claim.

Ladies, think how much you generally pay for your skin care kits. If this product makes it possible to replace all of your other skin care products you could save a bundle! At just $45, this XYZ Smart Collagen creme is a real steal – if it works properly.

This does lead us to our next question. At the end of the day, a product like this will only be beneficial if it works fast and effectively. Otherwise, you are better off sticking to your traditional creams and oils that are proven to work.

How Does XYZ Smart Collagen Work

Like many other collagen systems, the XYZ Smart Collagen system is built to refresh and revitalize your skin by enabling for more collagen growth.

What is collagen you may ask? In a very simple description, collagen is a structural protein found in skin and hair tissue. By supplementing it as a creme or taking it orally, many people believe that they can enhance their skin, hair and even musculoskeletal qualities – but does it really work?

Lose 7.5 Years of Ageing – Start the XYZ Smart Collagen System Today

Collagen Decreases With Age

Here’s the biggest downfall of skin care is that as you age, collagen production will also decrease. This means that you are naturally bound to need more collagen if you are trying to avoid wrinkles and other factors of skin ageing.

Many experts believe that by the age of 35, your collagen production has already halved. This is why supplementing with a collagen skin cream, such as XYZ Smart Collagen can be very effective.

The skin architects at XYZ Smart Collagen have created a formula that counteracts the visible signs of ageing by shifting the delicate balance between collagen production and collagen breakdown.

XYZ Smart Collagen Claims;

“By boosting your skin’s natural collagen production and slowing its breakdown, XYZ Smart Collagen helps restore your skin’s elasticity, firmness and texture. Enriched with nourishing plant extracts, XYZ Smart Collagen’s powerful anti-ageing formula is clinically proven to visibly lift, tighten and firm the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.”

Here at Healthy Choice, we never try to recommend a product. We review the benefits and downfalls and leave the purchase for you. Let’s take a look at the actual ingredients in XYZ Smart Collagen to see if it weighs in on its claims.

Ingredients: What’s In It?

XYZ Smart Collagen is a product built from natural plant sources, it is vegan-friendly and has not been tested on any animals – that’s a pretty good start!

Collagen systems work best when they combine ingredients that help to naturally boost the production of collagen and also enable for a better natural balance.

The active ingredients in XYZ Smart Collagen have been obtained from the leaf sap of the South African plant Bulbine frutescens. These two active ingredients are Acetylated Polymannose and Knipholone.

Acetylated Polymannose

This active ingredient works to increase the production of high-quality collagen in the dermis by stimulating the fibroblasts.


Knipholone is primarily responsible for slowing down the virtually uncontrollable breakdown of collagen and blocks leukotriene synthesis.

Lose 7.5 Years of Ageing – Start the XYZ Smart Collagen System Today

How It’s Made

If you are like us, you are keen on sustainability. The products you buy need to be made correctly and in compliance with major ethical industries.

XYZ Smart Collagen is a certified organic, natural product made using sustainably grown, raw materials. It is vegan-friendly, contains no artificial ingredients, and no mineral, palm or palm kernel oils.

This will help you to not only trust in the ingredients of the product but will also help you to see the value in high-quality processing and sustainability factors.

Who is This For

XYZ Smart Collagen
XYZ Smart Collagen is a product that is built for anyone looking to improve their skin quality and reverse their biological clock – but it goes so much further than that.

The experts at XYZ claim that this product can even help to remove stretch marks and major age-related wrinkles – pretty crazy if you ask me. Let’s take a better look to see who this product would be best for.

Lose 7.5 Years of Ageing – Start the XYZ Smart Collagen System Today

Anyone with Visible wrinkles

The moment you get your first wrinkle is also the moment you have your mid-life crisis – am I right ladies? If you have visible wrinkles and want to get rid of them, the formula at XYZ could be your best option.

Those With Poor Skin Quality

You’ve tried everything from prescription meds to various diets, but for some reason, your skin texture just doesn’t seem to come smooth and sexy. Could be time to try this revolutionary skin care formula.

Anyone Over 35

Listen, we’re not saying that your skin will immediately become terrible, but the moment you start ageing past 30-35 is the time when your skin collagen production will drastically drop. Having a product that is built specifically to your needs is essential for better skin and a younger look.

Is this Product Right For You?

XYZ Smart Collagen is not just a system for repairing damaged skin. This formula is built to help you virtually reverse the biological clock. This means reducing wrinkles, tightening and firming the skin, lifting and contouring, improving the skin texture, and even removing stretch marks.

Those looking for the best bang for their buck in a collagen system that has been formulated to the highest standards for the best price should look no further than XYZ Smart Collagen.

Lose 7.5 Years of Ageing – Start the XYZ Smart Collagen System Today

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My favorite beauty product

Reviewed by Shannon Jameson|Sep 13, 2018

I have tried almost every beauty product you can think of and this is hands down my favourite. I have found that I look younger, my skin is smoother and people are even commenting on it at work and at social events. If you are like me and have tried many of the other beauty products give this one a try!

Love this!

Reviewed by Rachel Raven|Sep 11, 2018

5 stars! I love this product. Has definitely helped bring my skin back to life and I am even feeling more confident at work. My husband commented the other day on how good I looked so it must really be making a difference.

Effective and powerful

Reviewed by Sabrina Elvis|Sep 06, 2018

Many fo these collagen products are all talk, but this one really seems to work! It has only been a couple of weeks but I am already noticing that my skin feels much smoother and much healthier.

Collagen really works!

Reviewed by Coleen R|Sep 06, 2018

This collagen product is unique to many of the other ones I have tried. could be because of all the natural ingredients but I really feel softer, younger and smoother skin. I feel like the youngest I have been in years and I have received many compliments from co-workers.

Floyd Nutrition Review , USA 4.8 5.0 4 4 I have tried almost every beauty product you can think of and this is hands down my favourite. I have found that I look younger, my skin is smoother and people are even commenting


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